Energy Equipment Manufacturer

Our brochure has provided us with an effective method of introducing our company to a wide variety of new customers. It shows all our design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and continues to play a major role in our increasing market penetration….Your own personal knowledge of our industry and products was a key to getting the projects done quickly and effectively… Jobs well done.

Jerry Steinberg, Vice President, Industrial Power Systems, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida –

Government Agency (Community Redevelopment Agency)

“Thank you for the many hours you spent with us to create the CRA brochure. You took a great deal of very general information and produced a very informative, condensed brochure that explains what the CRA is, what the CRA does, and tells about the staff and Board of Commissioners. … We have used this brochure on many occasions and have received nothing but great comments about its content. There are many people who don’t understand what a CRA is or what we do. The Chamber of Commerce is also using it in their handouts which go to people who are interested in relocating their home or business to Delray Beach. … Again, thanks for a job well done!”

Christopher J. Brown, Executive Director, Community Redevelopment Agency, Delray Beach, Florida